Remembering people who've died: what works, and why?

Ministry around bereavement and remembering is a hugely important part of church life

Church's 'Funeral Arranger of the Year' Award

The Life Events team heard about a lovely idea from St Mary's church in Sunbury-on Thames

Remembering Tree

At St Barnabas, Dulwich we wanted people to be able to record the names of people they love but no longer see and to pray for themselves and everyone who was grieving

How 'Light a candle' helped a dispersed family

This vicar from Ely explains how the ‘Light a candle‘ feature on the Church of England Funerals website helped people all over the world during a funeral in the UK.

Blue Christmas

Many bereaved people find Christmas unbearably difficult

Helping Funeral Directors to plan

Each year (about November) as I plan next year's diary, I have to tell the Rural Dean and the Archdeacon (if going overseas) when I will be out of the parish on retreat, CME, and holiday

Reaching out with Robins

I feel genuinely heartbroken for all those who have been denied the opportunity to properly say goodbye to their loved ones during the pandemic

Sharing and checking the eulogy beforehand

One thing that works well for me, after meeting the family or friends, and talking about their loved one, is to write up the Tribute and then share it with them

Vigil Eucharists

Increasingly now, church families have asked for a vigil eucharist to be held on the night before a funeral.

A way to care for your local funeral director

While it's common for funeral directors to show their appreciation of those who officiate at funerals with Christmas cards, calendars and other gifts, there might be merit in taking some Easter eggs to your funeral directors in Holy Week or Easter.

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