Godparents' Sunday

The godchild/godparent relationship is really special and can still be celebrated and supported during this time. Whatever the pandemic situation is, there will still be things you can do. Find resources here to help.


In the past few years, the Life Events team has encouraged churches to celebrate the part that Godparents play in family life and in spiritual journeys.  This year, it’s more important than ever to connect with families and help them celebrate the web of relationships that surround them. This might be in person with outdoor events, or through Zoom, or, at outdoor and indoor gatherings when allowed.  And for the first time, the Life Events team is partnering with Messy Church to extend the reach of Godparent Sunday even more widely.


Sunday July 11th is the national Godparents’ Sunday date for 2021, but you can set yours for whatever date fits in best with your church calendar, (joining in on the national date simply means your event will benefit from any national campaign publicity too).

July is national picnic month, so this year, the Life Events team is planning a food-and-fun-filled Godparent Sunday. Ideas and resources are given throughout these pages. Planning far ahead may still be difficult, but ideas given here will allow for the varying extent of social contact that may or may not be permitted by then. You can take these ideas and apply them in line with Government guidance, and your own risk assessment, when the time comes.


How will it be different?

  • This year there are free resources for downloading in addition to a few paid-for printed resources.
  • There will be a range of practical ideas and suggestions from which you can cherry-pick according to the situation.
  • Ideas and resources will not be given all at once but added over time, so please keep checking back here.
  • Prayers can be built into any service online or in person, so take a look at the ‘Just Pray’ ideas below and we’ll bring you more suggestions in the coming weeks.