Everyday Questions

Developed by the Diocese of Bath and Wells, Everyday Questions aim to provide a starting point for people to think about issues around them and how their faith can shape their responses. There are 40 questions in all, and while these can be used in churches they are aimed at a wider audience.

Possible places for use include in schools, at home, with children/youth work, with friends and beyond.

Everyday Questions

Everyday Questions (8 per page - for quick printing)

Everyday Questions (for professional printer - includes crop and bleed marks)

Everyday Questions - list only


As well as starting conversations, it's important to notice change. Although some people may find change easy, most will find it challenging. We suggest a pattern for noticing change:

  1. Imagine. What changes would you like to see, hope to see, dream of seeing? Have you noticed any changes in people’s conversations, levels of trust and openness, more outward reflection on their faith journey?
  2. Identify. What have you seen or heard that is different in what – or who – people are praying for? How do people respond to the questions initially? How do they respond after a month, or longer?
  3. Insights. What does this show you about the ways in which your culture is changing? What have you learned works well in your context to begin conversations about everyday faith? What needs to be done next, or to help strengthen this?
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